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    This week: Jumble Sale



    Jumble Sale


    Saturday's Jumble Sale was another phenomenal success! All the stalls drew dozens of customers, and the vintage stall in particular became a real wonderland. Parents and students donated thousands of items, and they seem to have gone down well with our visitors as the provisional figure for the amount raised, well over £7000, is fantastic - and counting! All the money raised will go towards improving our facilities for our students, teachers and friends. It's the event that probably involves the most physical hard work from volunteers as well as alertness, the ability to haggle and an instinct for the right price - quite a tough skill set!



    I enjoyed looking around all the stalls and it seemed to me that there were more helpers than ever. It was especially good to see some new parents on board. The cafe was a great success and it was nice to see students coming along to help and/or spend.


    In addition, the day was really enjoyable with a great atmosphere, busy but good-humoured, a little bit frantic but that all adds to the sense that there is competition for those bargains!


    Many thanks to Mary Kavanagh for her exceptional leadership and to all who volunteered to provide security, run a stall, or who donated items and came along and spent money.


    Elizabeth Kitcatt