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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: CASCA’s 20 for 20 campaign

    I’d like to express a huge ‘Thank you!’ to CASCA and to everyone who has contributed to their 20 for 20 campaign. 

    As you know, we cannot run CASCA’s usual fabulous series of fund-raising community events due to COVID. But instead of giving up, our tireless and dedicated parents have put together a brilliant campaign to raise £20 000 for the school to buy much needed equipment - art resources, chrome books and outdoor seating. All these items will make life in bubbles that much easier and better.

    Art resources - these are needed because many art lessons are being taught in non-specialist classrooms, so the department needs sets of brushes, paints, paper etc in each of the seven year zones - and the same is true of our Chromebooks - they can’t be shared so we need to have sets in each zone.

    Our existing outdoor furniture is very well-used at break and lunchtime in almost all weather, and it is more important than ever that students have time outside. The more comfortable and attractive we can make our outdoor spaces the better.

    So, if you can possibly manage it, please donate to the 20 for 20 campaign!


    Elizabeth Kitcatt