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    Cambridge Schools Debating Central London Round

    On Saturday 10 October, six students (Micol, Hassan, Danny, Georgia, Nina and Alice) took part in the Central London round of the Cambridge Schools debating competition against other schools from London. The competition took place entirely online and was the first virtual debating competition that the school has taken part in.

    Over the course of the day, the three teams debated the following motions:

    • This house would not jail non-violent offenders. 
    • This house believes that climate change activists should focus on lobbying corporations rather than changing individual’s behaviour and consumption. 
    • This house, in times of economic crisis, would substantially lower labour regulation requirements (eg. minimum wage, paid leave and the right to unionise). 
    • Assuming you had the financial resources to do so, this house, as a young African-American, would choose to emigrate. 

    Unfortunately, our teams weren't selected to go through to finals but for most of our debaters this was their first experience of sixth form debating (in the British Parliamentary format) and the day was extremely interesting and rewarding, with useful feedback from judges on how to improve.

    Mr Gunn