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    Prior to lockdown some students in year 8 had been designing APPs for a competition run by Amazon. The original deadline was moved forward because of the school closure and as such the girls had a little less time to submit their work.

    Students had to design a completely new APP that would help with social action, included in the task they needed to conduct primary research to see if there was a market for their APP, produce prototype designs, look at accessibility issues, research the technology behind creating and running an APP plus much more. The girls all worked extremely hard on their projects which they did in their own time.

    This week we heard back from Amazon web services who were really impressed with the ideas! Well done to Beth, Breanna, Charlotte, Samiyah, Rihanna and Faith in year 8.

    The APPS designed were:

    Bin Box - “With Bin Box we want to help encourage people to keep their communities clean while being able to socialize with others. Bin Box is also a way for people to enjoy themselves whilst doing something to help others. It’s designed to help people clean the streets, beaches and parks. It can be used anywhere in the UK.”

    Feedback from Amazon:

    The project was great because...

    The team focused on a very important topic, and demonstrated great passion and depth of knowledge of the subject in particular exemplifying the leadership principles, Dive Deep and Invent and Simplify with their reference data to support why their app would be compelling to their users and the ease with which if would connect them for community clean-ups.

    The team had clearly learned a lot at bootcamp and showed a strong understanding of the use of the AWS services that they would use to build their app and the visuals were fabulous at showing how easy it would be to use the app. The visuals were very strong and told the story of why the app would make a difference very well indeed.

    Voice -”Voice is a motivational app that helps worried parents help their child with insecurities, if they are new in school or have low self esteem. You can use it anytime and anywhere!”

    Feedback from Amazon:

    The project was great because… The idea was something unique and not seen before. They also liked that you included accessibility options.

    Ms Man
    ICT Department