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    Abi – 6th Form Head Girl

    Founder’s Day Speech

    As young people who use social media it is likely that we have come across a variety of influencers and lifestyle bloggers who express their ideas on what the term ‘self-care’ entails. They urge us to practise a daily skincare routine whilst drinking homemade smoothies out of mason jars so that we’re energized enough to Marie Kondo-nize our rooms.

    Now I’m not saying that this advice is not useful, in fact based on these traits, I’d like to say that Camden School for Girls is its own self-care influencer. Sure there have been some failed yet heartfelt attempts. In my opinion, it is inevitable that a two minute meditation session during assembly with the majority of my year on a Monday morning cannot occur without stifled laughter and an unsolicited round of applause.

    Even in light of recent events, Ms Camillo’s thoughtful email to all of sixth form reminded us to use this time to relax but not become a couch potato by binging on all 12 seasons of Drag Race just because we can.

    Although this lockdown allowed me to take a break from the hardcore revision sessions, I will admit that it has made me miss school. I feel that having my last day in March rather than in May really sums up in one word how my time at CSG has been: unpredictable, but also making the very best out of every situation.

    One key contributor to this title would be Camden’s relaxed and welcoming environment. Well, maybe not so relaxing if you’re within a mile radius to the gym while year 8 are playing bench ball. The abundance of clubs, competitions, fundraisers, plays and musicals permit us to let off steam while doing good for the community and ourselves. This internal drive to become better people and showcase our talents is reinstalled in us every time we pass through those front gates, even if we do sometimes have to beg reception to let us in.

    I believe that Frances Mary Buss’ proactive spirit lives within every Camden student and teacher because to this day, I’ve never seen a school put so much time and energy into intensively decorating their classrooms for Christmas. Ms Buss wanted education for women and we can continue her legacy by providing the best education for all as these events help to decrease the stresses that school can bring which I think is vital.

    So to everyone else who has yet to finish their Camden experience, use this time of isolation to take care of yourself, your mind and your family in preparation for the next year. As RuPaul always says: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the heck are you gonna love anybody else? Can I get a (sevenfold) amen up in here?”.

    I’ve truly been blessed to meet such wonderful and interesting people in these last six and a half years so I want to thank anyone who has taught as well as supported me in my onwards and upwards journey into becoming a fully realised Camden Woman!


    Thank you