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    ASGS GIRLS’ Leadership Conference 2020

    On Monday 9 March students from Camden School for Girls attended the ASGS Girls’ Leadership Conference 2020 for International Women’s Day, sponsored by Ernst & Young.

    The day involved several inspiring talks and participation for the attendees in workshops. The ongoing discussions were thought-provoking and related to key ideas in feminism today, such as the importance of self-confidence for young women especially within the climate of social media and ‘male gaze’, what to be prepared for and challenges for young women’s future, and the increasing awareness in promoting female agency around the world (be it helping develop programmes to educate mothers or learning how to maintain a positive mental relationship with yourself).

    Speakers involved in creating the engaging discussions for the students were Founder of the Women in Leadership publication Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, CEO of Özyeğin Social Investments Ayla Goksel, Author and Journalist Fiona Miller, Sunday Times Editor Eleanor Mills, and producer of Woman’s Hour Lucina Montiafiore.

    Students’ comments:

    • Inspiring day with empowering speakers (Alma)
    • An interesting and educational experience - I found that the topics discussed were pertinent to us and very engaging (Alice)
    • Presented us with a variety of relevant topics and interesting speakers, that reinforced understanding one’s own worth as a young woman. (Clem)
    • It was an amazing opportunity to hear from women with such different personal backgrounds and experiences talk about such a wide range of topics, all of which resonated with everyone in the room as women in the 21st century. (Ruby)