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    CSG Wins the ESU Schools Mace Regional Final!

    On Monday 2 March, we hosted the Regional Final of the English Speaking Union’s Schools Mace competition. The team from CSG was made up of Bluebelle (Year 13), Madeleine (Year 12) and Charlotte (Year 12).

    The motions and positions are set out below:

    1) This house would introduce a Universal Basic Income

    Proposition: Eltham College                       Opposition: Alexandra Park School                 

    2)This house believes that tech companies must hand over users' personal data to law enforcement agencies if requested to do so

    Proposition: Camden School for Girls                      Opposition: Westminster School

    3)This house would abolish the House of Lords

    Proposition: Brampton Manor                                                 Academy                          Opposition: Bromley High School


    The evening was a fantastic showcase for schools debating and the team from CSG showed their high standard over the course of their debate. The judges complimented them on their teamwork and analysis of this complex topic.

    At the end of the evening, only one team could go through and the judges decided that Camden School for Girls were the best team over the course of the evening and were declared the regional champions. This was a phenomenal result for the school and we greatly look forward to taking part in the finals day at the ESU headquarters at Dartmouth House.

    The Schools Mace is the longest running schools debating competition and is very prestigious - this is the furthest we have progressed in the competition and really reflects the strong debating culture in the school.

    Mr Gunn