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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Camden Youth Awards Nominations and Camden Youth Safety Week

    Camden Youth Awards nominations

    I am delighted to announce that we have nominated several students for Camden Youth Awards. These are:

    Tyler Y13
    Since joining us for the sixth form Tyler has been a hugely positive member of the school community. He is always willing to help and has volunteered for an impressive list of roles, opportunities and events. He is a talented pianist and has played at the old girls association lunch and at our poetry evening. He has also performed in many concerts. Last year he was the lead in the whole school production of Little Shop Of Horrors showing great empathy and team spirit with the entire cast and crew. He has regularly volunteered to help at events such as the sixth form welcome evenings and parents evening. Very recently he presented to the governors about the senior prefect team and their leadership roles within the school. He has regularly written reviews of our eclectic range of assembly speakers that are published in the school newsletter. He has been carol singing with us to raise money for CRISIS. He is a sixth form mentor for Year 9 and 10 physics students. Tyler himself is modest about this list of achievements but he has been identified by us as a most positive role model.

    Dania Y13
    Dania has been instrumental in running and promoting the Camden School for Girls MedSoc. This is a student run club that has run for a few years to support students’ ambitions to study medicine and other related health degrees. Dania became the Society’s coordinator whist she was in Year 12 and has been tireless in promoting it within the sixth form. She has organised many speakers and including a consultant anaesthetist, a forensic psychiatrist, junior doctors, house officers and a speaker on global health policy. She regularly stands up in assembly and addresses the sixth form and as such is a very positive role model. She has been volunteering as a patient befriender at the Whittington Hospital. She was also a maths mentor for younger girls during Year 10,11 and 12. She has now made her applications to study medicine and has been invited to interview at 2 out of 4 so far.

    Abigail Y13
    Abby is a musician, poet, actor and performer. She plays the violin to a high standard in the school orchestra and for the Camden Youth Orchestra and she is a long standing member of the chamber choir. She writes exciting, contemporary poetry which she describes as spoken word pieces inspired by issues she feels strongly about. She recently won her category in our ‘Poetry Out Loud’ competition. She has had major roles in all three of our most recent productions, Little Shop of Horrors, As You Like It and Twelfth Night and showing her versatility as an actor and performer. Abby is our Head Girl and, amongst many other contributions to the school community, was instrumental in this year’s Black History Month events one of which was to organise and teach African Dance classes.

    Bluebelle Y13
    Public speaking and political involvement have defined Bluebelle’s time at Camden School for Girls. Since joining our school’s debating society in year 7, she has pushed herself to succeed as well as to encourage others to do so. She has represented our school at the finals if the ICYD (International Competition for Young Debaters), the Oxford Schools Final and the ESU Schools Mace regional final. Independently she has been selected as one of five students to represent Team England, giving up her weekends to train for the World Schools Debating Competition in Mexico. Over the past 3 years she has been using her debating experience to provide students in both our school and state schools throughout Camden with the same opportunities. As well as helping to coach the main school debating team and escorting then to competitions, she created her own programme ‘The Camden Debate Championship’ designed to give 11-13 year olds in Camden state schools the chance to learn debating despite a lack of school programmes. She fundraised for, designed, publicised and ran a series of three training days followed by a final competition in the Camden Town Hall. She has since provided schools involved with the resources to run their own clubs to challenge the tradition of only private schools being involved. In addition, she has been a member of the Camden Youth Council since the age of twelve; been in the head girl team in Year 11 and the senior prefect team in Year 13; run key stage three mathematics club and is a reading mentor for year 7.

    Halle Y11
    Halle is our Deputy Head Girl in main school. She has immersed herself in the daily life of the school (outside of her studies) by:

    • helping to raise funds for the school by being involved in the danceathon, leading the dancing, dancing all day to encourage other students to carry on
    • been involved in other fund raising events such as Pink Day (for cancer awareness and research)
    • helped organise events around Black History month
    • has run the school council, arranging meetings and leading discussions
    • is a PE ambassador and runs basketball and dogdgeball clubs as extra-curricular subjects
    • has been involved with Year 7 induction, making herself available to the younger students if they need help
    • is always polite and helpful with all members of staff

    Mahfuza Y11
    Mahfuza is on our head girl team in main school.  She is a positive, inspirational student.  She takes her responsibilities on the head girl team very seriously and always tries extremely hard to set a good example for the younger students.  She has:

    • written articles for our Friday newsletter on mental health issues, including anxiety, exam pressures, peer group issues, social media
    • raised awareness of mental health by starting an SOS Club in school
    • set up a suggestion box for ideas from younger students
    • attended school council meetings every week
    • helped during parents’ evenings and other events, including Year 7 induction day
    • helped with fundraising for the school by being involved in our jumble sale
    • was involved in arranging events around Black History Month and Pink Day (raising awareness and funds for cancer research)
    • has obtained a Jack Petchey award

    Mahfuza has also made herself available for younger students if they need someone to turn to in their daily life around the school.  She has always been extremely polite to all staff, amenable and helpful.

    Zena Y9
    Zena is an excellent student, always polite and helpful in school, setting a very good example to all her peers and younger students. Zena has 100% attendance.

    Olivia Y9
    Olivia is an excellent student, always polite and helpful in school, setting a very good example to all her peers and younger students, taking part in many sports events and encouraging others.  Her attendance is 99.4%.

    We are extremely proud of all these individuals and we very much hope for success in the borough selections.


    Camden Youth Safety Week
    Youth Safety Week Launch – Wednesday 5 February

    We are delighted and incredibly proud that Emmanuella, Year 11, was selected to read one of her own poems at the Youth Safety Week Launch held at Council Chamber, Crowndale Centre this week (Emmanuella’s poem below).  Emmanuella is one of several students in the borough to be chosen as part of the Camden Youth Safety Week multi-media competition – an overall winner was announced at the launch event on Wednesday.

    Many thanks to Phil McCorkell and Philip Wolmuth, who filmed Emmanuella reading the poem for the event.

    Camden Youth Safety week will kick off on Monday 10 February.  For news and information please follow these links:

    Here Lies
    Here lies a child, collapsed onto a pavement
    The rain washes over him, diluting the red silk that trickles in a steady stream from his body
    We watch the bloodline of our generation crumble
    How we mourn those victims.
    The weapon is evil beyond belief; the cruelty it harbours within its blade
    Don’t play with fire, they say, don’t play with fire or you might get burnt.
    How could you not listen?
    Doesn’t it tear you apart? Are you not ripped to pieces by that crippling guilt?
    The innocent cries of those who lost their lives
    Echoing through your mind
    When you plunged that rusted razor into a brother, a father, a son, an uncle—
    You didn’t think twice.
    In a flurry of blinding rage that veiled your eyes and your sense of judgement.
    The feeling so demonic, scraping its claws down your spine.
    But now here you lie, in a puddle of your own sins.

    Link to reading: Click Here

    Camden is running a Youth Safety Week starting on Monday 10 February. As we are all aware, several young people have, very sadly, been injured or have lost their lives in Camden recently as a result of knife crime. This has been devastating for their friends and families. We know that youth safety is a very high priority for the whole community, but especially for young people themselves and their parents and teachers.

    Please have a look at the amazing programme of events that Camden Local Authority has put together, which I have attached. I hope you will find something of interest. We will be publicising this with students in school this week and next.

    Youth Safety Week Programme

    Addendum to the Camden Youth Safety Week multi-media competition

    Year 11 student Emmanuella’s youth safety poem wins Highly Commended award 

    Year 11 student Emmanuella Ogunlowo’s poem, ‘Here Lies’, has been selected as one of two Highly Commended entries in the Camden Youth Safety Multi-Media Competition. She was presented with a £50 voucher and certificate at an awards event last night by Councillor Abdul Hai, the Council’s Cabinet Member for Young People and Cohesion and Co-Chair of the borough’s Youth Safety Steering Group.

    Camden School for Girls will also receive a £200 prize from the Council’s Youth Safety Steering Group for Emmanuella’s successful entry, announced on Wednesday (5 February) at the official launch for Camden Youth Safety Week (10 to 14 February) held in the Council Chamber, at the Crowndale Centre.

    Emmanuella’s poem was filmed professionally in the school garden by a team from Camden Council’s communications department with funding from the Youth Safety Steering Group.

    She was congratulated by Cllr Hai (pictured, far right) as well as former CSG student Councillor Georgia Gould, who is Leader of Camden Council (far left), and Keir Starmer, MP for Holborn and St Pancras and Co-Chair of the Camden Youth Safety Taskforce (centre). Pictured with Emmanuella and the local politicians are young people who compered the launch event and the ‘Real Talk’ debate on knife crime and youth safety which followed the launch and which was also held in the Council Chamber. Emmanuella also participated in Real Talk and contributed to the young people’s debate on youth safety issues.

    The other Highly Commended entry was also a poem, written and filmed by students at William Ellis School, and the overall winners of the competition were a group of students from Acland Burghley School who entered three raps, one solo and two featuring backing singers, which were also filmed with funding from the Youth Safety Steering Group. This film was shown at the event last night.

    For more details about Youth Safety Week, please visit

    Elizabeth Kitcatt