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    Work Experience 2019

    For two weeks during work experience we were both guaranteed a space at The Third Age Project. We accomplished many tasks and met all the criteria.  The Third Age project is located in Cumberland Market, which is accessible for the majority of the members. It is a day centre for the elderly, ideally from around the area, over the age of 60.

    During our time there, we participated in many activities, (canoeing, a trip to Kenwood etc).  On our first day the manager, Tony, introduced us to the staff members and gave an in depth talk about TAP.  We met many members of TAP and they made us feel very welcome. Our first task was to complete a survey form for all the members participating in activities such as zumba, dancing, knitting, bingo and many more. After taking part in these activities, we input the details from the survey into Microsoft, to make it easier for the staff to access their information. In total there are 600 members, so it took a while, but we got there in the end!

    Two of the most enjoyable activities we took part in was a trip to Kenwood and travelling to Pirate Castle.  During our trip to Kenwood, we conversed with the members and learned more about them and their backgrounds. Once we arrived at Kenwood, we had a house tour and learned about the history of the area as a whole. After the tour we arrived at Tony's lodge, which was a half an hour walk - we somehow made it after getting lost!

    In the second week, we took a trip to the Pirate Castle, where we canoed and took some more videos for TAPs twitter. The videos included questions such as ‘What impact has TAP had on their lives’ and ‘How often they attended’. During our interviews a member of Ofsted, who had come to observe the sessions, actually fell into the water, but luckily she still had the motivation to carry on!

    Other activities we took part in include assisting members back and forth from their houses, whilst also checking up on them.  This helped many members who were unable to walk, as we pushed them in their wheelchairs.  We participated in bingo and in order to call the numbers we had to be loud and clear. It was a very interesting experience. One of the most crucial advantages TAP provides is that not only do they work with the elderly, they also work with toddlers and alongside this parents receive an opportunity to participate in a workshop.

    We are very grateful to have this experience and thank Tony, the staff and TAP as a whole.

    Luwam & Tasfia 11M