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    Success in the London Debate Challenge Final!

    On Monday 1 July, a team from CSG took part in the finals of the English Speaking Union’s London Debate Challenge Final. Finals day saw the top eight comprehensive schools from London come together in the ESU’s headquarters in Dartmouth House, Mayfair for a day of debating.

    The team from CSG was made up of five Year 9 students (Martha, Ines, Lola, Emma and Lea) who took part in three debates over the course of the day;

    • This house would punish people who don’t recycle
    • This house would pay politicians the average wage
    • This house believes that more children’s stories should have unhappy endings

    During the debates each speaker spoke for five minutes and engaged very well with these complex issues in both proposition and opposition. The CSG team was particularly praised for their confidence and well-structured speeches throughout the day.

    At the end of the day, CSG were judged to have done well enough to have made it to the grand final.  Prior to finding out about the final motion, Martha was involved in a coin toss to decide our position and she chose opposition.

    The motion was;

    • This house would ban mobile phones in schools

    The final took place in front of a large audience of students, teachers and judges and our team did incredibly well in the grand final and showed a very high level of understanding, offering thoughtful questions to the proposition.

    After the judges’ deliberation and feedback, it was announced that CSG had won the final and were announced as the 2019 London Debate Challenge champions.

    This was a fantastic day for debating at CSG and really reflects the strength of debating at the school. The London Debate Challenge is open to all state schools in London and involves two rounds prior to finals day. It is a great achievement to win and Camden School for Girls really has now established itself as a force to be reckoned with in schools debating.

    Mr Gunn