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    Count on Us London Maths Competition Round 2

    2019 team:
    Annabel 9M, Saskia 9C, Khadijah 9R and Alice 9M, Biba 9C


    Once again our team of 5 were knee deep in coding, geometrical problem solving and the 24 game. This time the competition was held in the beautiful City Hall. We walked along the Thames enjoying the view of the river and the interesting buildings and entered this fascinating building with its map of London covering the floor.

    The competition was heated and the students were excited yet very serious. It started as before with the game of Hex played with each team’s members as counters on a large hex board on the floor - Alice in Wonderland style without the talking animals. Then the Gridlines round and then the 24 Game - played with such ferocity and passion the students were very nearly flying off their chairs.

    Finally, the coding round where brains were so hard at work one could almost see steam emanating from their heads!  By the end they were exhausted and sad to leave.

    But the end is not always the end. They made it into the final!! Yes, the now ‘famous five’ have made it through to the final round. Only 12 schools out of a total of 74 enter the final round, so we are particularly pleased with this team.

    Ms Al-Zeer