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    Forthcoming Dates

    Please note that the dates/times noted below are subject to change.

    APRIL 2019

    Monday 29
    A Level Art Exams, All week
    Y13 MFL A Level Speaking Exams
    Y8 HPV 2nd dose, Studio, 9am-1pm
    Brandon Centre working with Y10 - ‘Managing Stress’, Main Hall, 10.20am-11am                   

    Tuesday 30
    Y13 MFL A Level Speaking Exams
    PE Devon Trip Meeting for Parents, Main Hall, 5pm-5.45pm
    Junior Maths Challenge, 9am-3.30pm
    Y11 Poetry Mock, 9am-10.20am


    MAY 2019           

    Wednesday 1
    Y11 MFL GCSE Speaking Exams
    Dance Company Rehearsals, Large Studio, 12.40pm
    A Level Drama Trip to ‘All My Sons’, 1.30pm-7pm
    Y7+8 Yoga, Studio,  TBC
    Borough Athletics, This month                   

    Thursday 2
    Y11 MFL GCSE Speaking Exams
    Y10 Textiles to V&A Museum, 12.30pm-4pm
    Y7 Parents’ Evening, 5pm-7pm

    Friday 3
    Sixth Form Dance Club, S5, 11.20am-12.40pm

    Monday 6