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    Y8 Journalism Trip

    Last Thursday some of our year eight students had the incredible opportunity to go to Metropolitan University in Holloway for a journalism taster day.

    These girls were shown around all the exciting facilities at the University as well as meeting some interesting pupils studying different aspects of journalism. After being warmly welcomed into this busy work building, we were given a talk about how to write a good article and what open questions we could ask in an interview. Then, they introduced us to some students who are studying at Metropolitan University and gave us the chance to get to know them better and tell us a bit more about the favourite aspects of their particular course. Afterwards, they kindly took us around the University buildings, this even included showing us their huge science lab which is the second biggest practising lab in the EU. As well as that, we got to look inside a radio studio where they broadcast news shows all around the University.


    Once we had eaten some lunch, which the University generously provided, we listened to a journalism teacher talk about what it is like to teach journalism. It was very interesting and he kindly answered many of our questions.

    Finally, the student that organizes the University magazine came and told us a bit more about what it was like to put together different articles and how he decided which ones to include. He explained to us that all the information in the magazine is relevant to its audience and what the process is to produce the magazine. It was a wonderful day and we all learned so much from it -  thank you so much to the Metropolitan University for having us!

    Amy 8T