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    Eating for Greenpeace

    Our form, 7T, wanted to raise awareness and funds for Greenpeace, the international organisation that campaigns actively but non-violently for the conservation of the environment and the preservation of endangered species.

    You may have heard of or seen the campaign featuring the Orangutang video being sent around online. This video showed Orangutangs being cast out of their homes due to agricultural work to replace trees with those that produce palm oil.

    We were shocked about what is going on without us realising - just by eating palm oil we were contributing to the extinction of Orangutangs.  Students of 7T wanted to help and do our part, so we had a bake sale with foods that did not have palm oil or were made of more sustainable resources.

    Our fundraiser was on Friday 1 March and raised £80 for Greenpeace.

    We would like to thank all the people who helped out and bought from us. We hope that by the end of this we have raised more awareness and have a chance to save the Orangutangs, before it's too late.

    Emma 7T