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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Dance Show, International Women’s Day, World Book Day

    Dance Show
    On Wednesday night a large audience of parents, staff, siblings and friends came along to watch the exhilarating Camden School for Girls Dance Show. The performances were brilliant - finely polished, confident and enormously energetic. It was a real pleasure to listen to Amy, who has been working with the students through Step Into Dance, introducing each item and telling us a little about the genre or fusion of genres. Amy has made a huge contribution to the students' learning and progress in the dance part of their curriculum, and she has set them very high standards while nurturing great commitment and enthusiasm.

    We watched all the Year 7 students perform, and it was wonderful to see them working together to dance with real expertise in front of a large audience. The older students contributed a stunning selection of dances, many of the girls appeared in several different groups, dancing in a range of different styles. They are fabulous role models for the younger students and they really impressed with their well-rehearsed and graceful movements.

    Thank you to everyone - all the performers, the audience and, most of all, Amy, Ms Devine and Ms Hamilton for creating such an inspirational evening.

    Dance Show Gallery


    International Women’s Day
    We launched our annual celebration of women’s achievements and women’s rights on Monday 25th March with an excellent assembly run by Cicely and Madeleine in Year 11.

    Assembly Presentation

    On Thursday  Georgia Gould, leader of Camden Council and ex-Camden student spoke eloquently about the challenges involved in being a female leader and her own journey into politics.

    Today we will be joined by Susie Orbach, psychoanalyst, psychotherapist, writer and social critic.

    A group of Y12 students will attend the Association of State Girls’ Schools student leadership conference for girls., and another group will attend the Women of the World Conference at the Southbank.

    Finally, six girls from Year 11 and 12 will go to the Camden Council International Women’s Day event.

    We will report more fully on these events in future issues.


    World Book Day
    Ms Green launched our annual World Book Day competition in this week’s assembly. Students will be asked to identify members of staff from photos of them when they were much younger, and also to work out what book they were reading at that time.

    Ms Green also gave out prizes to the school’s most dedicated readers - well done

    Emma E, Lyra & Millie (Year 7), Dua, Rafaella & Talulla (Year 8), Sajidah & Poppy (Year 9), Eva (Year 10), Madeleine (Year 11).

    Finally, she showed us some pages from the textbooks used when Camden School for Girls was founded - very different from current versions!

    Elizabeth Kitcatt