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    On Friday, the winners of the Encouraging Young Engineers Design Competition attended a tour around the Fabrication lab at Westminster University.

    We visited countless rooms with amazing workshop spaces and machinery, from traditional craft to robotics and virtual reality, we got to see how a whole range of different materials could be manufactured into detailed products. All of these facilities could be freely used by the design and architecture students.


    It was really inspiring and interesting to see a day in the life of the design and architecture students and workers. It was extremely high tech and state of the art, with a massive variety of really exciting things to see and use!

    We also visited a laser cutter room and designed our own clock or keychain using a program called Rhino, in which you bond a selection of shapes to create your own design. We really enjoyed setting up the laser cutter and watching it go to work cutting our designs out of acrylic.

    As part of our prize, we also won a voucher and we have decided to reinvest it into buying materials to continue our making and engineering of new products in DT club!

    Zena, Violet, Margot, Rene and Poppy - Y8