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    Takeover Challenge

    On 30 November, 8 students from Y7 and Y9 took part in the Takeover Challenge in Camden. The Takeover Challenge is an opportunity for young people to meet the councillors and learn about our community. We were split into 5 different groups, each focussing on different areas, such as self-care and social isolation, STEAM and youth safety, and at the end of the day, every group did a presentation in front of the mayor and councillors putting forward our solutions.


    Emma, Y7: In my group, we were focussing on knife stabbings among young people.  I was astonished by the amounts of stabbings going on around us every day. We had a policewoman come in and talk to us on how to be safe. As I heard more and more, I became more eager to make an end to it.


    Gloria, Y7: My group looked at STEAM (Science, technology, engineering, art and maths). We talked about how all these subjects can be accessed through an apprenticeship and how 32% of jobs in Camden are in STEAM. We learned that Camden is looking to raise the numbers of workers and encourage more people to apply for apprenticeships. We also talked about having a STEAM champion in every school to spread the word and enhance the number of people doing these subjects.


    Hanna, Y7: This year’s takeover day was really fun, especially when we got to talk about issues in Camden with other schools. We made lots of new friends and we even met the Mayor of Camden! It was a very interesting day and my favourite part was when we gave our presentations to loads of important people.


    Ms Goldsmith
    Science Teacher & PHSEE