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    Jack Petchey Winners 2018

    Winner: Kitty 8C
    Reason for award: A keen member of the debating society and also attends Refugee Society raising awareness within the school and community. Kitty is a strong team player and always gives up her time to contribute to events in and out of school. Kitty has shown dedication to fundraising events where she has organised and runs her own stall within the school.   

    Winner: Violet 8C
    Reason for award: Violet is very creative and has represented the school at Parliament for an ICT competition. She has also been involved in a competition to design the new Big Ben. Violet is always supportive and always keen to help out at Parents Evening. A dedicated, helpful member of the form and goes above and beyond in all projects.  

    Winner: Saskia 9T
    Reason for award: Saskia has shown good leadership skills and taken on leading roles at short notice whenever it was requested of her in form time. Saskia has lead assemblies with great confidence and always like to volunteer to represent the school. Saskia is very responsible, helpful and polite. She also represented the form on the school council and makes thoughtful contributions in form time.  

    Well done to each student, who will receive a certificate accompanied with a congratulation letter, pin badge and "Notes from JP Booklet".