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    Ancient Guide: Natalie Haynes at CSG

    Last Thursday saw a fantastically cultural evening, with guest author and comedian Natalie Haynes joined by fellow author Charlotte Mendelson.

    The evening started with a whirlwind tour of the classical world - why everyone should read (but also hate) Juvenal, why every storyline in EastEnders is actually a Greek tragedy, and why Roman women always come across as so monstrous. Charlotte and Natalie ended the evening with a discussion on the highs and lows of being an author, the advantages of studying ancient languages (not only because you get to use words like 'celerity') and why it's a great thing to have Classics going strong in state schools.

    The event raised a significant amount (we're still counting!) for our Ancient Greek courses and CASCA.

    Many thanks to those who helped out, including Molly, Nina and Nia on the desk and the CASCA bar team.

    Mr Bateson