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    Encouraging Young Engineers Design Competition 2018

    Congratulations to Poppy, Rene, Margot, Violet and Zena.

    This year 8 Camden School for Girls’ team were overall winners of the Price & Myers competition to build a model of and design an extension to Big Ben. The aim was to teach and inspire young people to consider future careers in structural and civil engineering. The team participated in a drawing class to help students sketch their design and an elevation and a workshop where engineers ran through ways of making sure the extension models were structurally stable.


    The Institution of Structural Engineers hosted a prize-giving ceremony last week where groups from other schools presented their designs. They were judged against the following Criteria Scoring (max. mark 100)

    • Structural integrity / 25
    • Access and impact to surrounding infrastructure / 15
    • Environmental impact / 25
    • Technology / 15
    • Overall presentation - poster and 10-minute presentation (about model and poster)/ 20

    Our year 8 design and technology student’s entry really impressed the judges demonstrating creativity and ingenuity and the girls presented with confidence and poise to the audience of school children and engineers.

    The team won an Amazon gift voucher, some goodies and a fantastic opportunity to tour FabLab, the City of London’s first purpose built digital fabrication and rapid prototyping workspace. The success was well deserved as they have shown fantastic teamwork and commitment working during their lunch breaks and after school to develop their concept and design proposal.

    Well done!
    Ms Ronayne