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    Gold Medal for Amina

    Amina, who aspires to one day compete in the Olympics, won gold over the weekend (25/11) for national Leon Paul under 11 girls. She belongs to the Camden Fencing Club. The competition was fierce, but she attributes her success:  to unfaltering dedication to training (3 hours a week) and her constant critical analysis of play techniques.

    Says Amina,
    At first, I was extremely nervous, but as soon as I began to fence, I felt more and more calm, as if the nervousness drained out of me. I won all my matches in the pools (games of fencing), and earned a BYE which gives you an advantage; you get to skip a round of fencing and automatically, you earn a medal. The knockout rounds (after pools), determines who gets through to the next round, for if you lose, you immediately get eliminated from the tournament.

    I won my second knockout round and was proceeding to the semi-finals, however, at one point; I was too eager and nervous, that I started before the referee told us to, so as a result, the referee pulled out a yellow card, but that didn’t deter me; I won, and I was now at the final stage, competing for the gold medal.

    At that point, I was sweating with intense excitement, but I had one more point to win! This made me feel slightly reassured, but I didn’t lose sight- I remained focused. 

    In the final round, I looked at the referee, waiting for him to tell me whose point it was, and he gave it to me! I won! 

    I collected my medal and trophy. I felt extremely proud of myself; it made the long journey, by car, to Somerset well worth it! I now rank 7th nationally for girls under 11 fencing.