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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Jumble Sale, Y11 Parents Evening

    Jumble Sale
    I am delighted to announce that our annual Jumble Sale has raised in excess of £7,000 (and still counting!) for the school. This is an astonishing achievement and will make a huge difference to our staff and students.

    Thank you so much for all your help, whether you donated items, came along and spent money or helped with setting up, running a stall and clearing away at the end. The whole occasion was a resounding success.

    We received a really impressive amount of jumble, thanks to the generosity of parents, students, staff and friends, and everyone went away feeling they had a few real bargains in their bags. It was incredibly well organised so that it was a real pleasure to go around the stalls and view the items, and even engage in a little friendly haggling!

    The cakes, biscuits, muffins and savouries were a real treat, and many of the items were home-made; thanks to all for the time and effort that went into making the cafe so inviting!

    Running a stall presents quite a challenge with high numbers of customers and speedy judgements being needed about prices. It was wonderful to see the students getting involved with this.

    None of this can happen without parents supporting the event and giving up their time to come along and make it a really important and enjoyable feature of the school's calendar - so many thanks to you all!



    Y11 Parents’ Evening

    Many thanks to all parents of Y11 students who came to our consultation evening last Thursday. This is a crucial time for GCSE students as they approach mock examinations which will give them a taste of the forthcoming public examinations. There is still plenty of time for them to improve their chances of good grades, but nothing should be taken for granted.

    Every year, there are a few students who are disappointed with their grades, and when we look at their record in Y11 we discover that they did not complete classwork and homework, and did not attend interventions, homework clubs or catch-up sessions to improve their chances of success. I would like the current Y11 to make sure they take every single opportunity on offer to make sure they do not face disappointment in August.

    Elizabeth Kitcatt