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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Outstanding Progress 8 at 0.89!

    Camden School for Girls is in the top 2% of comprehensives nationally in the 2018 Performance Tables

    I am delighted to announce that Camden School for Girls has exceptionally strong comparative data in the DFE Performance Tables, which were published on 16 October. These statistics relate to the examination results gained by last year's Year Eleven in summer 2018. The headlines are as follows:

    • Progress 8 is 0.89 - CSG is in the top 2% of comprehensive schools - this measures the progress students make here from their starting points.
    • Attainment 8 is 65.5 - CSG is in the top 2% of comprehensive schools and has the fourth highest attainment of all girls' comprehensives nationally.
    • The percentage of students attaining grade 5+ in both English and mathematics is 88% (also the second highest performing girls' comprehensive nationally in this measure).
    • Of those attaining 4+ in English and mathematics the percentage is 96%, and their Ebacc point score of 6.06 both place Camden School for Girls in the top 2% of comprehensives nationally.   

    Why does this matter?

    When students do well in examinations, they receive an enormous boost to their self-confidence. Excellent results at the end of Year Eleven open up all sorts of opportunities in terms of post-16 study and potential career choices. And finally, no-one and nothing can take this achievement away. It belongs to the student for life, and it is one way in which their hard work through the secondary school years is given recognition.

    Students going through the main school now will realize that they should see the Year Elevens as role models and that they themselves can achieve just as much when the time comes.

    How did our students manage to do so well?

    We believe that students thrive when there is a very strong partnership between students, teachers and parents. The past two years were difficult for everyone, with extensive changes to the examination system, but our students carried on working hard, attending well and maintaining their interest in their studies. Teachers also worked hard to get to grips with the new exams and gave students remarkable support and inspiration in lessons. And parents did everything in their power to make sure their children really embraced the challenge and stimulation of their Key Stage Four studies.

    Congratulations to all involved in a truly brilliant set of results!


    To see the school performance tables, click here.


    Elizabeth Kitcatt