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    Ada Lovelace Day - Celebrating Women in STEM

    On Tuesday 9 October students in Year 8 were off timetable for parts of the day to work with Transport for London learning how to code an API using JavaScript.

    An example of an app created using API is Citymapper, which is a popular app used by Londoners every day to help them travel from place to place on public transport.

    Transport for London provides Citymapper with all the information they need using TFL’s publicly available API, or Application Programming Interface. Students in year 8 focused on plotting the Jubilee line on a map across London and found out about Ada Lovelace who was a gifted mathematician, and who is now regarded as the first computer programmer.


    Students left the session inspired to continue with coding and furthermore some students, as part of the Year 8 challenge, were commemorating famous women throughout history in STEM.

    All students that took part in the workshops and the challenge were fantastic. Here are a few of the entries for celebrating women in STEM. 

    Faith 8M

    Holly 8T