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    Headteacher’s News


    This week: Art College, Zaynab, Gonxhe, Bliss, Wolf Alice

    Art College
    A record number of students have gained places on post-18 art courses this year. A total of 32 CSG students were successful in gaining entry to a range of colleges. Here is an overview of the courses and providers.
    Art Foundation courses, Fine Art courses and Architecture at: 

    • Kingston University,                         
    • Central St Martins, 
    • Ravensbourne University, 
    • The Royal Drawing School, 
    • CCW (Camberwell), 
    • Kensington and Chelsea College, 
    • Camden Working Mens College, 
    • UCL  
    • Royal Academy of Art Den Haag

    Competition for these places is tough, and our students did very well to make the grade! At Camden School for Girls, we value the arts curriculum and believe that it offers young people a chance to be creative, expressive and original as well as experiencing the academic rigour required for success in these areas.

    To see the selection of artwork follow the link, Art Galleries at CSG

    We also have some exciting alumni news – we are very proud that the following ex-Camden girls are making their mark on the world.

    One of our Year nine students, Zaynab, has appeared in an article in Time Out Magazine! Zaynab is a really skilful skateboarder, and she enjoys practising in Cantelowes and Victoria Park. Zaynab said: 
    ‘Once I have learnt a trick, it’s not really that scary anymore. The hardest one to learn in the bowl is probably a backside 360 nose grab - a trick where you grab the front of your board while doing a complete rotation.’ 
    Congratulations to Zaynab on her media appearance!

    We are delighted to announce that Gonxhe is the winner of this year’s Jack Amiel Award. This is a cheque for £250 which was very generously donated by Jack’s family in his memory to assist one young person each year as they begin a science-related degree course. 

    Gonxhe was an exemplary student and a wonderful independent learner. She achieved excellent grades in her A-levels  (A in Maths, A* in Biology, A* in Chemistry). We were delighted to see her secure a place to study medicine at Nottingham University and know she will go on to be a great success.  
    For more details of the award, see below:

    Congratulations to Freya Parks, who stars in the film Bliss!, which is now available to purchase - details below. Freya attended Camden School for Girls, and was always drawn to acting and film, working extremely hard to balance her school work with performance opportunities. The film has won high praise, and it is a real pleasure for us to stay in touch with Freya and hear about her exciting career developments!
    Bliss! is Released on VOD in the U.K. tomorrow! Written by Writer’s Guild Award Winner Alex Ferguson.

    Buy Bliss! Directed by Breakthrough Brit Rita Osei here: 

    Buy the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Ivor Novello nominated Composer Hélène Muddiman here:

    Tasha Robson (Freya Parks), 16, is a strong-willed young girl who learns that her mother’s partner, Charlie, is not her real father. When her older sister, Jenny, tells Tasha of a man only referred to as ‘The Viking’ who appeared when Tasha was a baby, she becomes convinced this mysterious ‘Viking’ is her long-lost father and resolves to track him down.
    As Tasha begins her quest to find her father on the ferry to Norway, life takes unexpected turns back home. Jenny has moved into her own flat, and the only son in the family, Danny, struggles with the prospect of becoming a father. Landing in Norway Tasha befriends Marta, a local girl who agrees to help her find her father. But will she find him and what will happen to her family while she is away?

    “Parks is excellent, assured yet naive.” ~ Edinburgh Reporter
    “A Love letter to the intensity of teenage experience.” ~ Phacemag 

    “Beautifully shot.” “complimented beautifully by the music.”
    “Inspirational and empowering.” ~ Wall Street International 
    “An uplifting family film, but an unsentimental one.” ~ Caution Spoilers
    “An engaging and universal film that entertains children and gives food for thought to a more mature audience.” ~ Cineuropa 
    “Bliss! has courage and ambitious”. ~ Eye For Film

    Genre: Rites-of-passage Adventure / Drama

    Facebook: BlissTheMovie
    Instagram: blissthemovie
    Twitter: Blissthemovie

    Wolf Alice
    Congratulations to Ellie Rowsell, the lead singer (and composer) with the band Wolf Alice, winners of this year’s Mercury Prize. They faced very stiff competition, but their unusual mixture of music styles seems to have really impressed the judges. Ellie has stayed in touch with school, judging our fabulous Battle of the Bands at last year’s summer festival, and being very generous with her praise and comments for the students who performed.

    We are very proud of you, Ellie!

    Elizabeth Kitcatt