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    This week: Y10 Work Experience, New Y7 Students

    Y10 Work Experience Summer 2018

    During the final two weeks of the Summer Term, all of our Y10 students were out on work experience placements. The benefits of work experience are enormous, they include:

    • providing ideas about future careers
    • understanding of work-related skills
    • an opportunity to spend time with adults who are enthusiastic about their jobs
    • experiencing the demands and rewards of work

    The range of placements was impressive, and included:

    • jewellers
    • law firm
    • film production
    • banking
    • city farm
    • children’s centre
    • stage management
    • veterinary practice
    • charity shop
    • architects
    • hospital
    • nursery
    • pharmacy

    Students, parents and employers commented as follows:

    I’ve enjoyed both my weeks at the two different workplaces and feel I’ve learnt a lot. On my first placement I was more comfortable with the people, as I knew them, and was able to learn about the different processes involved in film-making. The second placement the work was more serious and formal, and I was able to find out what it’s like to be in a formal workplace.’ Niva
    Niva has worked very hard and has been very serious at work, and very enthusiastic.’ Parent.
    Niva has done a fantastic job, and become a member of the team very quickly.’ Employer.


    I’ve had an amazing experience and all the staff were lovely, which made my time here fun. I’ve gained skillsets in customer service, and other skills which will help me in the future. This experience has given me another career to think about, as I now understand part of what is involved in being in a bank.’ Jasmin
    As a parent I saw how much Jasmin improved and gained confidence. She learnt many things from work experience’ - Jasmin’s father.


    I loved my work experience placement as I enjoyed working with animals and the lovely people there. I have improved my punctuality and communication skills.’ Ellie
    Work experience has benefitted Ellie greatly.’ Parent.


    I have learnt a lot about how a pharmacy functions and how each person has a specific role. I also learnt that a professional attitude and manner is very important whilst working.’ Zaina
    Zaina’s time-keeping is excellent. She has the right attitude for the job, always available and really nice to work with.’ Employer.


    My work experience placement was at the Hilton Hotel. I really enjoyed my placement, because it gave me an outlook on working behind a desk for a big company. We had a strict dress code, we were told to wear skirts, shirts and a blazer (smart, business attire). For me, being at the Hilton was a big change as I wasn't used to the atmosphere, of so many people speaking so formally. So I definitely stepped out of my comfort zone and it helped me to see what I would and wouldn't like to do in the future.
    During my 2 weeks at Hilton I had a list of tasks I was told to complete by my mentor Holly. Some included: To look at other big Hotels and see their menus, check how many rooms they had, and to write a report on all the hotels around us. Another task I had to complete was to input all of our stocks onto a website and to see if our stocks had increased or decreased from the previous week.
    Those two weeks of work experience I can say were the best 2 weeks of year 10 as I learnt so many new things that I need for the future.  It really helped me in many ways. Working at the Hilton Hotel made me realise that I really need to think about my career options for the future seeing as it'll probably be my career for a long time
    .’ Lydia
    I'm very proud of Lydia during her work experience, even more proud seeing as she found her placement independently. I'm glad young people get a chance to see the working environment for themselves. Lydia has had a great experience, everyday being different day and she has been coming home with a new story to share. I can say that Lydia has enjoyed her time at the Hilton Hotel.’ Lydia's father


    For my work experience, I was stage manager for the Camden School for Girls musical, Cry Baby. One of the many things I learnt while doing the job was how much work and dedication goes into being a stage manager. I had the opportunity to improve my leadership and people skills as well as improve my problem solving and time management skills. Over the two weeks, I confirmed to myself that I would enjoy a career or even a temporary job in stage work, this gave me a feeling of comfort after not knowing what I wanted to do for a whole school year. I am grateful for the opportunity to explore career ideas and see what it’s really like in the working world.
    I had the unique experience of being able to do my work experience in school which I found to be useful as I knew where I was going, where I could find things and who people were which meant that I didn’t need to waste any time and I could get straight on with the  task I had been given. Having done a similar job before, I knew how much it was needed and appreciated by everyone, including the audience watching. Looking back, I value the experience highly and loved working with the students and teachers involved, and it was a privilege to work in school for the benefit of everyone
    .’ Olivia

    The kinds of skills employers said they valued were as follows:

    • Careful research
    • Seriousness
    • Being polite
    • Kindness
    • Asking if not sure
    • Planning activities and carrying them out effectively
    • Flexibility
    • Able to take instructions
    • Able to understand new software
    • Willing to learn
    • Always put the customer/patient/client first
    • High levels of motivation

    Ms Kennedy and Ms Farrow commented as follows:

    The response from students has been overwhelmingly positive - it’s a real pleasure to see students engaging with work in a practical and useful way.’

    Students finding their own placements really encourages their independence and allows them to explore what interests them most. Hearing all their stories was wonderful - they seemed to have learned a lot.’

    Examples of recent work related learning opportunities at CSG


    New Y7 Students

    Our new Y7 students have settled in well, and thoroughly enjoyed their team-building trip to Hillingdon. Many of them know other girls from their primary schools - but not everyone! So the purpose of the trip is to make everyone feel able to make new friends and get to know each other in a relaxed and stimulating environment. Teachers and staff who attended report excellent participation, great behaviour and a strong sense of enthusiasm for the exciting transition to secondary education.


    Hillingdon Outdoor Activity Centre was a good idea for our first day. I didn’t know anyone on my first day here. We got put in groups, and did activities which involved lots of teamwork and working together against the other teams. We learnt how to tie different knots and how to support each other.  After lunch, we went into “man made caves” and went exploring in them. We then went on low ropes which were really fun!  Taisiya Year 7

    Elizabeth Kitcatt