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    Art Trip to the National Gallery

    Last Thursday and Friday Year 8 went on a trip to the National Gallery with the Art Department.

    We were shown around some of the rooms by the gallery's specialist educators and asked to guess what various paintings were about. We looked at lots of Greek and Roman mythology which greatly tested out knowledge of the subject and we then made sketches of paintings of our choice.

    "I liked looking at paintings I'd seen only seen online before as I could see details such as the brush marks, and the colours looked so much better." Yuki

    "I liked learning the stories behind the paintings. It gave them a lot more meaning." Zsa Zsa

    "I liked recreating the paintings through my own drawing as it showed how much work went into them." Annabel

    "I liked focusing on individual details and then putting them all together to make the whole story." Bella

    "After our talk was over I enjoyed walking around to see the paintings in my own time." Martha


    It was lovely to take the whole of year 8 out to such a world renowned gallery. The National Gallery staff we worked with all commented on how enthusiastic and articulate the girls were and they were particularly impressed with their knowledge of Greek and Roman mythology.

    Here is a small selection of the drawings the girls did. These ones are by Liberty, Liza, Louisa and Martha.

    Ms Schofield