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    Dance-a-thon and SummerFest

    SUMMERFEST - fabulous night - many thanks!

    A huge thanks to everyone who helped make the SummerFest 2018 such a lovely and successful event!  It was colourful, lively and lots of fun - great stalls, music and food. We were delighted to see so many students, family and friends there. Thanks for joining in!

    A particular thanks to everyone who helped out - parents, staff and students. It was wonderful to have so many people involved, running all the lovely and varied stalls, donating gifts and delicious food, making music to entertain us all, and as part of the organising team. Special thanks to Katrina Scior, our SummerFest lead, who did such a wonderfully efficient and seamless job, as well as her enthusiastic and creative team, including Irene Graham who coordinated all the stalls so well. It was great to have a new organising team - an impressive team effort. We hope they will all stay closely involved, and perhaps help lead CASCA into the future....

    The SummerFest made a fabulous £7,224 for the school - including over £3,500 from the very popular Silent Auction. The students will all benefit from a school canteen which is more environmentally friendly - we're helping to get rid of the plastic cutlery and crockery.



    DANCE-A-THON - a fabulous event - well done all!

    The Danceathon 2018 was a huge success and an amazing event! As well as the lovely dancing (and time out of lessons!) - the Dance-a-thon raised money to help turn the school kitchen eco-friendly and plastic-free.

    Thank you to everyone who sponsored the students to Dance for the Planet – it was such a fun day, and the energy levels were incredible even in the record-breaking heat.

    The Dance Company girls, the Head Girl team and the 6th form Prefect Team were all brilliant and helped motivate, decorate, judge and facepaint all day. The staff got a big cheer at break for joining Elaine’s high-energy teacher’s dance, and lots of enthusiastic dancers came along to the Bollywood session at lunchtime.  A massive thanks also to the PE department for their support over the past few weeks, and congratulations to 10T for winning the trophy this year!

    The event has raised almost £3,000 for the school - well done all!  Plus the girls each got a fabulous green water bottle to keep and use over and over again.

    If you didn't manage to sponsor your daughter but would still like to, there's still time to donate via your ParentPay account - all funds raised will get to support the school canteen.

    A huge thanks to Nicki Longfoot - the creative parent behind the Dance-a-thon who made it all happen, including the fabulous decorations and even compering on the day. Thanks also to her husband Tim, resident Dance-a-thon DJ, who kept tunes going for the dancing. A big thanks for Martyn Gerrard for their sponsorship and support also.  We expect it will be a favourite in the school calendar for years to come!

    Dance-a-thon 2018 Gallery

    All funds from these CASCA events will go into the School Kitchen Pot, to help make the school canteen eco-friendly and sustainable, by funding a new dishwasher and crockery and cutlery... and get rid of the plastic.

    Best wishes,
    CASCA Team (looking for some new leaders!)