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    Sixth Form News

    This week's assembly speaker was Neil from Dorset who works for a road safety charity and came to speak to our year about the dangers facing young drivers and pedestrians.

    Through a collection of hard-hitting videos, Neil made us aware of the threats of the road, but did reassure us that ‘no actors were hurt in the making of these films’, truly putting our minds at rest. Neil also shared with us some horrifying statistics. One figure which really stuck with me was, that in the UK six people are killed as a result of road accidents every day. Another worrying fact was that collisions on the road are the biggest killer of 15 - 24 year olds in the UK.

    Neil then explained the ‘fatal five’ reasons for these shockingly high statistics on road accidents: distraction, speed, not wearing seatbelts, careless driving and finally being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. He put particular emphasis on the extreme, if more recent danger, of mobile phone use when driving, which is now illegal. Another important message was that pedestrians, who are not attentive whilst crossing roads, particularly if wearing headphones which drown out noise around them or are having conversations on their phone which distract them, are putting themselves at serious risk of injury from an oncoming vehicle.

    Overall this assembly made it clear that as pedestrians and drivers we must be fully aware at all times because by not being safe on the roads we put our own lives and the lives of others at serious risk.

    Maia - Senior Prefect