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    London Debate Challenge

    On Monday 25 June, CSG hosted the North London regional final of the English Speaking Union’s London Debate Challenge.
    The CSG team was made up of Kitty (Y7), Ines, Lola, Martha (Y8) and Nyah (Y9).

    Over the course of the afternoon, the CSG team took part in the following two debates:

    • This house would pay stay at home parents and carers £25,000 per year (CSG in proposition)
    • This house believes that the state should support minority languages through the funding of education and local media (CSG in opposition)

    The team did incredibly well against some very good opposition and was deemed to have done well enough to advance to the London Debate Challenge final on 3 July.

    This was a fantastic result and is a testament to the high standard of debating at CSG!

    Mr Gunn