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    Keats-Shelley ‘Young Romantics’ Poetry Prize

    Allegra (UG04) was shortlisted for the Keats-Shelley ‘Young Romantics’ poetry prize, run by the Keats-Shelley Memorial Association.

    On 23 April there was a ceremony at the Royal Society of Antiquaries with Liz Lochead presiding and Allegra won 1st Prize!

    We're very proud of her, and her outstanding poem is included below.

    Ms Gibson


    Storm by Allegra UGO4

    Day one:
    Over the crust of the world
    The storm hums
    And rolls thickly,
    Considers bursting free.

    Day two:
    It hollows away the light,
    Saturates the air.
    Our bulbs bleed softly against it.

    Day three:
    The rain finally erupts,
    And I feel the suck of gravity.
    It rattles on leaves, umbrellas,
    Glosses over the pavements.

    This water swells in every street,
    Breaks the land apart, quietly.
    It has the soft colors of something gentle.
    Smearing it all dull brown.