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    Ovid Quiz


    Here are the answers to the Ovid week quiz:

    1 - The story of Pygmalion, in which a sculptor brings a statue to life, was adapted into which musical? - My Fair Lady

    2 - According to the Bible, 'in the beginning was the Word (or the logos)'. According to Ovid's Metamorphoses, what disorderly thing was there in the beginning? – Chaos

    3 - As well as writing love poems, Ovid also wrote tips on what kind of beautification in his Medicamina Faciei Femineae? - Make-up

    4 - Where was Ovid exiled to by the Emperor Augustus? - Tomis (now Constanta in Romania)

    5 - Ovid wrote a book of fictional letters from women addressed to their heroic husbands who had abandoned them. Who was Penelope's husband? - Odysseus (called Ulysses by the Romans)

    6 - How did Ovid explain the origin of the daffodil? (Hint - think about other names for this flower!) - He was a man called Narcissus who fell in love with his own reflection, and was turned by the gods into the drooping flower

    7 - Male Roman citizens usually had 3 names. What was Ovid's third name, and what body part does it refer to? - He was Publius Ovidius Naso, with Naso referring to the nose. Presumably one of his ancestors had a very Roman nose!

    8 - This quiz is going out on the 16th March, but which famous figure was killed on the 15th March, a year and five days before Ovid's birth? - 15th March was known to the Romans as the 'Ides' of March, the date of Julius Caesar's assassination

    9 - "ecce, _____ venit": Look, _____ has arrived! - What is the name of Ovid's (possibly imaginary) girlfriend? - Corinna, which comes from the Greek word for girl.

    10 - One famous transformation is Arachne, who is turned into the first spider. But by which god? (I need her Roman name!) - It was Athena, or as the Romans called her, Minerva.


    Mr Bateson
    Head of Classics