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    CASCA News

    Thank you and team members needed...

    We'll need new enthusiastic parents and carers to lead CASCA next year. If you're interested taking on a core team role in our vibrant school community association, or would like to find out more, please email Greg on or Imogen on

    Quiz Night – fantastic evening, many thanks!
    A BIG THANKS to everyone who participated in our fabulous Quiz Night on Thursday, and to make it such a success! It was a wonderful evening, full of fun and puzzles, and great food, as well as one of those infamous practical Quiz challenges. The friendly competition and humour created a great atmosphere, and the sight of CSG parents building plastic towers like nursery children is not one we'll soon forget!

    Particular thanks to David Schneider for his awesome hosting with wit and wisdom throughout the night, and of course to Kate Cullinan, our magnificent Quiz Queen, whose enthusiasm and organisational spirit brought the whole thing together - her energy was infectious.

    Thanks too for Andy for his 'Up-the-Anti' Bar with his team on the night - Rita, Justin, Steve, Alison and Emma; to Mary and all prize donors for the lovely raffle; and to Kate's Quiz Night Dream Team - who helped with the all the practical preparations, cooked the delicious dinner, dreamt up the quiz questions, saved yoghurt pots... and helped throughout the evening. They include parents and carers: Aggie Finn, Anahi, Annette C, Andy, Barbara, Charlie, Daniele, Fran, Greg, Imogen, Jane, Jessica, Jillian, Joanna, Kate R, Kate C, Lydia, Mary, Mo, Morwenna, Nell, Robert, Tara, Theo, Vicky, Vanora.... as well as staff who contributed in many different ways, including: Elizabeth, Pip, Rosemary, Susan G, Lynda F, Rider, Jenny, Kathy and Biljana. Last but not least, thanks to everyone who joined in the Quiz on the night - it's the taking part that matters, after all (as well as doing your best)! 

    The event raised a spectacular £5,500 for the school - which will help buy industrial dishwashers and re-usable cutlery and crockery for the school canteen, so that the students can have sustainable dining too. Thank you!

    Specialist Antiques Sale& Table Top Sale - many thanks and more antiques - can you help?
    Our first Antiques Sale was a fabulous - and very beautiful -  treasure trove of antiques, with beautiful glassware, china and porcelain tea cups, saucers and plates; silver items as well as other lovely pieces - with lots of exciting items for sale. Very many thanks to Annette Elder and Mary Kavanagh for all the organisation (and to Annette for sourcing the treasure trove!) - it raised a fabulous £1,300 for the school.

    MORE ANTIQUES - We have about 12 boxes of china, glass and silver left over...So, if you have any ideas about how to turn that into cash, or would like to help turn it into cash for the school - through eBay, an auction house or specialist car boot sale in Lambeth, for example, please contact Annette, - she would love to hear from you.

    Our annual TABLE TOP SALE, running alongside the Antiques Sale, was as busy and popular as ever - with lots of stalls and lots of amazing bargains. Many thanks to Irene Graham for leading on this - and to Rachel Orme, and Steve and Lily Verity, as well as all the stall holders. The event made an excellent £850 for the school - thank you to everyone who came along!


    Meanwhile, many thanks to all the helpers for the events, including:  Steve Bussfield, Lynda Charlesworth, Esther Conway, Nicky Derby, Kathia Derrar, Penny Draper, Russell Ellis, Maia  Eugenieva, Paul Kavanagh, Susan Green, Jane Hindle, Tara Jones, Julia Landes, Greg Klerkx, Meyric Lewis, Jane Monaghan, Stella Morrisey and her husband, Midge Lewis, Laurie Lewis, Kate McLaren, Zoe Moore, Imogen Sharp, Sarah Strickland, Jackie and her fabulous office team, Lynn, Elaine, Karen, Kathy and Jenny plus the school keepers, Pete, Don and Tony. And of course the student helpers: Magan, Y9; Kitty & Rawan, Y7; Ellie & Eva, Y10.

    Plus a big thanks to everyone who baked such lovely cakes, we sold out!

    PARENTS' FORUM - presentation and future ideas.
    Thanks to everyone who came along to our recent Parents' Forum, it was a fascinating and lively event - a real eye-opener for parents and carers to hear about all the 'invisible' apps and communications that are part of our teenagers' world. Particular thanks also to our expert speakers Ravin and Natasha, from the BBC, who have kindly made their presentation available to all CSG parents - you can find it on the school website.

    Anna Mishchon and Laurel Ives - our Parents' Forum coordinators - would love to receive any ideas for future events. Please email them if you have any thoughts, or


    CASCA TEAM - new team members needed!

    We'll need new enthusiastic parents and carers to lead CASCA next year, as several core team members are stepping down after a very successful few years! If you're interested taking on a core team role in our vibrant school community association - including Chair, Vice-Chair or Co-Treasurer - and would like to find out more, please email Greg, or Imogen,


    Thank you for ALL your support - it makes a huge difference to all the CSG students.  As Elizabeth Kitcatt said recently "Our school is very lucky to have such committed and energetic parents".


    The CASCA Team
    Imogen, Greg, Maia, Anna and Barbara