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    ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ at the Globe

    Review - Mahfuza 9C

    On Monday, 12 March the whole of Year 9 went on a trip to the Globe Theatre to see Shakespeare’s great romantic comedy ‘Much Ado about Nothing’.

    This was a very lucky opportunity to see the Globe theatre which was re-built as an accurate replica of the theatre in which Shakespeare’s first plays were performed.

    ‘Much Ado about Nothing’ is a romantic comedy of two pairs of opposite lovers. They both face obstacles along the way until finally they clear out all misunderstandings and get married. This was an amazing opportunity for Year 9 to learn about another one of Shakespeare’s most entertaining plays.

    The students are now currently writing reviews about their responses to the play and the performance.

    It was an enjoyable trip, although the Year 9 students’ responses to the actual production were mixed. Most thought it was an excellent performance although some were not impressed with the behaviour of students from other schools (who talked throughout the play and even got their mobile phones out) and thought that actors should have worn more traditional costumes.


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    Mahfuza 9C