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    Next Week is... Ovid Week!

    Answers will be announced in the next Friday News.



    We are celebrating the 2000th anniversary of the death of Ovid, the Roman poet who Shakespeare modelled himself on, who got himself expelled from Rome because of his saucy poetry, and who preserved some of our best-known myths from the Classical world.


    Here is the Ovid week prize quiz - whichever student manages to get every answer correct and emails it to Mr Bateson ( first will win a prize. One prize for main school, one for sixth formers. Googling is encouraged - you can find all the answers online!

    Answers will be announced in the next Friday News.

    1 - The story of Pygmalion, in which a sculptor brings a statue to life, was adapted into which musical?
    2 - According to the Bible, 'in the beginning was the Word (or the logos)'. According to Ovid's Metamorphoses, what disorderly thing was there in the beginning?
    3 - As well as writing love poems, Ovid also wrote tips on what kind of beautification in his Medicamina Faciei Femineae?
    4 - Where was Ovid exiled to by the Emperor Augustus?
    5 - Ovid wrote a book of fictional letters from women addressed to their heroic husbands who had abandoned them. Who was Penelope's husband?
    6 - How did Ovid explain the origin of the daffodil? (Hint - think about other names for this flower!)
    7 - Male Roman citizens usually had 3 names. What was Ovid's third name, and what body part does it refer to?
    8 - This quiz is going out on the 16th March, but which famous figure was killed on the 15th March, a year and five days before Ovid's birth?
    9 - "ecce, _____ venit": Look, _____ has arrived! - What is the name of Ovid's (possibly imaginary) girlfriend?
    10 - One famous transformation is Arachne, who is turned into the first spider. But by which god? (I need her Roman name!)


    The myth of Narcissus (painting by John William Waterhouse)