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    Greek Funding Appeal

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    CSG is special in being the one of the very few non-selective state schools to offer Classical Greek at GCSE level and beyond. Generous contributions from our alumni, families and friends ensure that we can continue to offer this unusual opportunity. Greek is a springboard into higher education, not only into Classics courses but also into a range of fields that require analytical, linguistic, historical or cultural competencies. Interest in the hub is high, with three schools represented on the GCSE course and an additional six schools attending extra one-off events within the last year.


    Please donate what you can, and share widely!


    Some student quotes:

    "Studying Greek has been a most amazing opportunity; I have found it to be a highly stimulating subject. It has given me a deeper appreciation for the English language I use in everyday life, and by studying Greek texts directly I feel much closer to these ancient stories that have captured problems and struggles that are an essential part of human nature. This intimacy with the ideas of people from over 2000 years ago which are still relevant today, is something people need to experience. It’s useful to understand where we have come from in order to see where we are going in the future, therefore I believe everyone should have the chance to study Greek."

    Elika, currently studying AS Greek


    "I feel so privileged to have had the opportunity to study Greek at CSG. Learning Greek was the basis of my love of Classics. The teaching was really excellent and inspiring; I felt my Greek improved massively and I quickly felt confident for my GCSE. Studying ancient literature, particularly Homer, made me realise I wanted to study Classics at university. Coming to university has shown how incredible it is that I have had the opportunity to study Greek at a state school."

     Esther, former CSG student now studying at Oxford