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    Headteacher’s News

    This week: Concert, Student  Achievements, Former Student News.



    Concert,  7 February

    On 7th February we enjoyed the Spring Concert. Mr Byers informed us that we have a large number of horn players in the school, and they performed brilliantly in Bach’s Chorale 54. The Symphony Orchestra then played some exceptional pieces by Turina, Dvorak and Shostakovich, impressing the large audience with their skill and versatility.


    After the interval, we heard a number of soloists playing on the piano and trumpet as well as outstanding vocal contributions, finishing with the school’s excellent Year 12 Jazz Band and Such Sweet Thunder and I Feel for You.


    Many thanks to the music department, performers and audience for creating such an enjoyable evening.


    Student  Achievements

    Sarah has won the 2018 Camden Young Volunteer Award for her inspirational work in setting up a charity, ‘Feeding Camden’. Sarah decided to do something practical to help the many users of foodbanks in the borough, and her organization has enabled students from this school and many other young people and adults to give assistance to some of the most vulnerable people living in our neighbourhood.

    Sarah responded to news of the award as follows:

    It’s great to have won an award for Feeding Camden, which centres on helping the Camden foodbanks. I first had the idea back in 2015 as I began to understand how our borough is populated by people at both extremes of the wealth spectrum. Food poverty should not exist in a leading capital city in the 21st century and this is why I initiated the campaign. The work would have been too much to have done alone; I’m very grateful to the school and my mum who have supported the project and helped me so much.

    Zak recently completed an EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) in school, and entered the Peter Watson International Scholarship competition. This is the title of Zak’s research:

    How far do mathematical sequences, such as the Fibonacci Sequence, affect the growth and appearance of nature on a micro scale?


    Zak explains this as follows:

    ‘In summary, what I was trying to show (through extensive literature reviews and primary data such as growing my own sunflowers and collecting pinecones) was that the Fibonacci Sequence appears in nature as it is a perfect pattern to produce efficient growth. Not only that, I postulated the limitations of the Fibonacci Sequence in nature and why not all plants grow in that exact pattern (environmental constraints and genetic mutations). Altering from the Fibonacci sequence creates new patterns that I identified.


    Here's a summary of the maths my project was based on:

    The Fibonacci sequence (1,1,2,3,5,8,13....), with a little bit of extra maths (one number in the sequence divided by the previous number in the sequence, e.g. 13 ÷ 8) makes the Golden Ratio, which is a never ending decimal about 1.618... 

    Plants use this number and some rotational maths to make leaves or seeds grow in spiral patterns. These spirals are efficient because it makes sure that each leaf or seed makes contact with the most amount of light possible (no leaf above places a shadow on the leaf below).’


    I am delighted that Zak has been shortlisted as one of a small number of students who will give a 7-minute presentation based on his work to scientists at Cambridge University on 24th February.


    Congratulations to both!


    Freya Parks, ex-CSG, on Tour With a New Musical!

    I have received the following message from Freya:

    ‘Just writing to let you know that I’m currently on tour with a new musical called Teddy!

    It’s set in 1956 and is about a Teddy boy and Judy (Teddy girl) who go for a night out in Elephant & Castle to see their favourite band from Hollywood called Johnny Valentine and the Broken Hearts…

    I play Jenny O’Malley who is the sassy bassist in the band - a true Camden girl!

    We are coming to the Vaults in Waterloo from 29th March till 3rd June. 


    Here’s the link to all the info about the show: '

    I hope some of you will be able to go - sounds like a great show!


    Elizabeth Kitcatt