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    Sixth Form News

    Assembly Speaker, Monday 8 January - Guy Sigsworth.



    The latest speaker at Sixth Form assembly was British composer, producer and songwriter Guy Sigsworth, who has worked with many well-known musicians such as Seal, Bjork, Madonna and Britney Spears.



    Guy started off by explaining how he got into music. He, at first, had a passion for early music from the 1400s and earlier and was especially fond of modern musician David Munrow who used the old but exciting instruments from that time. He was, however, awakened by acid house music to the values of pop and henceforth a long and prosperous career as a music producer started. 


    He likened listening to music to listening to a foreign language and tried to get his music to emulate that; he also noted that in his opinion voice was the most important thing overall when producing a record. He then went through some of the records he produced and explained the stories and thoughts in his mind when they were made.


    Finally he gave advice in response to some questions, perhaps the most valuable being that if one is looking to find an entry into the music production business then the best thing to do is do the best you possibly can with what resources you have at your disposal.


    Griff, Y12