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    Mental Health – Weekly Tip

    Camden Learning's Health and Wellbeing Team weekly tips to promote healthy and positive wellbeing amongst the whole school community:

    Managing anxiety about returning to school
    The return to school after second lockdown indicates some progress with Covid-19, and some of us may breathe a sigh of relief that the children are back at school.

    However, some of us might be quite anxious about the return to school. Whether we are anxious about safety, or concerned about how much has changed, or the impact this has had on our mental health (amongst other things) there are things we can do to manage some of our anxiety.

    Try to focus on:

    • the positives of returning back to “normal”
    • the safety measures put in place to keep everyone safe in school
    • how resilient you might have found yourself to be
    • any skills and positive experiences you have gained from this

    For example, spending quality time together as a family, finding more creative ways to keep busy and stay connected, and having more reflection time to think and grow from our experiences.