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    Joining the British Transport Police Cadets

    The British Transport Police Cadets are looking to recruit a new class of Police Cadets based out of our Training Centre at Spring House, Holloway Road. We are looking for potential new candidates aged 13-18 to take part in this exciting opportunity.

    The British Transport Police Cadets offer fantastic opportunities for all young people. There will be a great mix of like-minded young people reflecting the diversity of their local community participating in:

    • Developing their life skills
    • Meeting new friends
    • Social events
    • Learning about British policing
    • Sporting activities
    • Force-wide, UK-wide and even international opportunities

    We offer the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme for cadets and leaders. The VPC has developed a series of workbooks to assist cadets' understanding of British policing.

    The VPC understands that most young people want to do something constructive for their own community. We are the only uniformed group that expects young people to volunteer an average of 3 hours a month in support of local policing and community inspired social action; we will help and support you to lead your own social action projects. The VPC has developed a social action workbook and course to give young people the necessary skills to really make a difference in the community.

    If you would like further information about joining the unit please contact