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    Geography at Oxford

    An excellent opportunity has come our way from Hertford College, Oxford. Oxford is ranked No 1 in the world for Geography, and Hertford College has the largest number of geographers in Oxford. They are trying to strengthen their links with some selected schools, and ours is one.

    Aimed at geographers in years 10-13, they are launching an online Geography Club which will tackle a wide variety of questions from across the subject. In seven after-school discussions, students will have the opportunity to discover a new university-level topic, hear the insights of student ambassadors, and develop their own academic thinking skills through discussion and debate.

    If you’re thinking about studying geography in the future – either at university or A Level – then this is the perfect group for you. I really encourage you to sign up. The topics look really interesting, I'm sure you will learn a lot, and it will look great on a university application form! Let me know if you do.

    Online Geography Club from Oxford  

    Martin Evans
    Head of Geography