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    Success in Oxford Union Schools Debating

    On Wednesday 10 February, six Year 12 students (Evie, Gervais, Danny, Hassan, Alice and Ruben) took part in the first round of the Oxford Union Schools Debating Competition.

    The event took place online with around 100 competitors taking part in multiple virtual debating rooms on Zoom. CSG students were up against schools from across London and the South East and debated the following two interesting and challenging motions;

    1) This house believes that the media should not report on the private lives of politicians
    2) This house prefers a world where the research, writing and teaching of history focuses on studying the lives of ordinary individuals as opposed to that of important leaders of society

    At the end of the evening, judges announced that the team of Alice and Ruben had made it through to Oxford finals day. This is a fantastic achievement and particularly as both students hadn't taken part in a debating competition prior to this year. Although the finals will be taking place online and not in the Oxford Union as normal, it is still a hugely prestigious event.

    Well done to all those who took part!

    Mr Gunn