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    Y8 - French ​​​​​​​

    Year 8 students have been planning Valentine’s Day to practise the near future tense. They worked in breakout rooms using jamboard.

    They had to:

    • create and introduce 2 characters
    • describe what each was going to wear for their date
    • describe where they were going to go
    • describe what they were going to do (eat / drink)
    • say what they thought it was going to be like

    Participants from Year 8:

    Agnes, Ariam, Assia, Chiara, Chloe, Darya, Dora, Emily, Georgie, Hannah Stubbings, Hannah, Shammai, Ines, Io, Isabel, Jess, Khadiza, Leah, Leona, Lina, Lola, Lyla, Malaika, Martha, Mikayla, Moya, Neve, Romy, Rose, Savannah and Sinead.