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    Y8 Extended Metaphor Poems

    Y8 have been working on extended metaphor poems, please see a couple of lovely examples below:

    Revenge is the friend who laughed by your side,
    The one who stood by you, along for the ride.
    Through childish pranks and unspoken phrases,
    They guided you through your emotional mazes.
    You get along well, despite qualities they lack,
    But one day you’ll end up with a knife in your back

    By Assia 8M


    The sea is a hungry dog,
    a flighty nervous breed,
    prepared to squirmish and leap white paws raised,
    he will retreat in the face of a helping hand,
    when eagerness overtakes fear
    he carries away what filthy treasure
    he has scavenged, pulling it to grottos of rubbish and murk,
    when his toys displease him, he hurls them to distant shores.

    By Matilda 8C

    Well done Y8!

    Miss Scott
    English Teacher