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    English Speaking Union Schools Mace Round One

    On Tuesday 19 January, three Year 12 students (Hassan, Alice and Danny) took part in the first round of the ESU’s Schools Mace. This year the competition was held virtually, so significantly different from previous years with students debating via Zoom. 

    The motions were as follows;

    1) This House Would introduce quotas for women on company boards

    •            Proposition: City of School for Girls Swing Team 
    •            Opposition: Camden School for Girls

    2) This House Would ban job applicants from disclosing the names of educational institutions that they have attended

    •            Proposition: City of London School for Girls      
    •            Opposition: City and Islington Sixth Form

    3) This House Believes That government economic policy should prioritise the collective happiness and well-being of the population over economic growth

    •            Proposition: City of London School       
    •            Opposition: Ecole Jeannine Manuel

    At the end of the evening, the judge praised the debaters approach and speeches but decided that Camden Schools for Girls hadn’t been one of the two teams to progress to the next round.

    However, it was a very good experience for our debaters, all in their first ESU Schools Mace competition. 

    Mr Gunn
    Debating Society