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    CASCA News

    This may not be the start to 2021 that any of us had hoped for, but we want to thank the staff and teachers for their on-going, superhuman efforts to make the most of the move back to on-line schooling for the majority of students.

    One key improvement in provision for CSG students is in large part due to the generosity shown by our CSG parent/carer community.  Through our £20k for 2020 fundraising campaign last autumn, the school has bought a set of Chromebooks (amongst other essential teaching supplies) and there has been a huge take up of the devices. Now every family that was in need of a computer to participate in on-line learning has been provided with one.

    Thanks again to each and every one of you that made this happen--it makes all the difference in these difficult times for our families and teachers.

    In other fundraising news…
    77 Camden families have agreed to host Martin Gerrard boards in front of their homes this winter, which raised over a thousand pounds for improvements at CSG in these lean times. The same scheme will run again in the summer.

    Over 80 Christmas trees were enjoyed from our tree sale in December, doubling our funds raised in 2019


    Please look out for a ParentMail next week talking a bit more about our plans for the year ahead and how we hope to better connect with our amazing CSG parents and carers--we can’t do any of it without your time, enthusiasm and support. Feel free to email us with any questions or ideas for ways you can support CSG at

    Have a good weekend,
    Your CASCA Team