Access from Home (Students only)

    Important Changes to Access to School Network from Home

    For some years students have been able to access the school network from home. With the introduction of a new faster Internet connection provided by the London Grid for Learning, we have had to change the software we use for remote connection.

    Students can download the file ( from this page. Staff should email ICT Department for details.

    Instructions for use are as follows:

    Ensure that all Windows updates have been installed. Windows Vista and Windows 7-8.1 users will find Windows Update by clicking on the Start button, then All Programs.

    Windows Vista, Windows 7-8.1 users

    1.       Download file to your computer, double click to open it.

    1.       Copy the file GotoSchool.RDP to the desktop.

    2.       Double click the GotoSchool.RDP icon and enter username and password. It is safe to ignore Certificate warnings: we are economising by not buying a certificate from an external company.

    Please note that you may have to enter your username as CAMDENGIRLS\yourusername.

    MAC users

    Refer to the document below, Instructions for MAC Users.pdf


    The system does work. Many teachers have been using it for over a year. Problems are almost always resolved by updating Windows, as above.

    Microsoft Office

    We are not allowed to give students access to Microsoft Office through our external connection without buying a licence for every student in the school, which would be prohibitively expensive. Students may

    • login from home and use Open Office which will open and save files in Office 2007/2010 format; or
    • from the school website, go to LGFL Apps, login and use versions of Word, Excel and Powerpoint through Microsoft Office Live. This system also gives students 7GB of SkyDrive storage space, accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection and much safer than a memory stick which can be lost or damaged. Students who login to the school remotely and then go to the school website to access Microsoft Office Live can upload documents to SkyDrive from their area on the school network to edit and save.

    Email – Cautionary Note

    Some students use email to transfer work between home and school. This is not a good idea but for any students who do this, it is vital to save a document to the network or to the home computer and then edit it. If you open a document directly from email and work on it, the document will be saved to a temporary location, there to be lost almost certainly forever.

    1. GoToSchool
    2. Instructions for MAC Users