UKMT Team Challenge

    Team CSG: Allegra,Annie,Zakiyah and Margaux UKMT Team Challenge Teams, Preston Manor


    On Tuesday 19 March 2013 Camden school for Girls participated in the UK Maths Trust (UKMT) Team Challenge Regional Final. Two students from Year 9, Margaux and Annie, and two from Year 8, Allegra and Zakiyah, were selected to take part in the competition.

    The event was held at Preston Manor School in Wembley. It took a while to arrive at the venue but I’m sure we could all agree that it was worth it. The Challenge consisted of 4 challenging rounds: the Group Competition in which we had to successfully solve 10 questions of varying type and difficulty in a time of 45 minutes, Crossnumber which was similar to a crossword but with numerical answers in a time of 40 minutes.

    After our lunch we did the Mini relay, where teams competed against the clock to correctly answer a series of 4 questions alternating between the 2 teams (one year 8 and one year 9). There were 4 mini relays, each 8 minutes long. The last, and arguably the most challenging and most chaotic round, was the Relay Race; teams split off into pairs on opposite ends of the room and pairs took it in turns to answer questions. This round involved lots of running around the room (sometimes bumping into each other and causing each other’s chairs to wildly spin out of control) at a fast pace as well as mathematics, as you tried to solve your questions, in order to give the other pair theirs.

    We came 17th out of 24 teams from both state and private schools from all over London. Thanks to Miss Ghorbannejad for organising the trip and taking us to the event, the day was very successful and although we didn’t win, we enjoyed ourselves and will benefit from the experience in future lessons.