Support for Parents

    Expert information to help children and young people stay safe online

    Thinkuknow - Parents and Carers Guide to Snapchat


    Keeping Children and Young People Safe from Radicalisation and Extremism

    Advice for Parents and Carers
    Please visit new government website:
    Educate Against Hate

    Mental Health and Wellbeing

    YoungMinds is the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Please click on the link to visit their website YoungMinds.

    Key Agencies
    You can find information on key agencies by following the links below:

    Parent Line Plus
    Local Community Centres
    Parent Support Organisations in Camden
    Elfrida Rathbone
    Counselling locally


    Parent Council
    You can find information about Camden's Parent Council here 
    (just click on Cancel when you are prompted for a username and password)

    or contact Barbara Ludlow:
    020 7974 8137 or


    Services and Community Links
    Children's Centres
    Childcare Providers


    1. FSM Letter
    2. ParentPay Consent Letter
    3. Voluntary Contribution Form - 16-17
    4. Self - Harm Letter June 2015
    5. Parent Forum - Cannabis Talk May 2016
    6. Chicken Pox Information Sheet - Public Health England
    7. Headlice and Nits
    8. FGM The Facts
    9. FGM Facts for Young People from Forward UK
    10. Government Statement Opposing FGM
    11. Ebola October 2014