Specialist Makeup


    We have a different syllabus for each year group that we teach, which is adapted according to age, capability and interests.

    Year 9

    The Year 9 syllabus focuses on mask making, theatre and pantomime characters. We encourage the pupils to get creative and see a design through from paper form to a 3D final piece. The pupils are also encouraged to delve into the theatrical side of makeup and differentiate between good characters and bad characters using specific colours and shapes with certain denotations.

    Year 10

    The syllabus in year 10 becomes more technical and skill based. This covers four areas; Makeup, Specials Effects, Hair and Beauty. Each area is expected to have a written piece stating the equipment needed and a step-by-step guide.

    Year 11

    The syllabus for year 11 is split into three main projects. We have a making project, which is mask based and involves being creative and developing ideas whilst having written evidence to go alongside the choices you have made. This is followed by a business project, which involves the girls setting up their own business. This must include research, costs, calculations and forecasts.

    The syllabus finishes off with a theatrical brief which involves a makeup and hair design and working on a live model.